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"Society’s understanding of human trafficking and prostitution needs to change. In my country, people believe that prostitutes are criminals and buyers are the victims. This is wrong… Women are human beings, not commodities to be bought and sold."

“I was like, ‘No, please stop.’ He was like, ‘No, you’ll like it.' ”
“I don’t know why guys just think, ‘If I just do it, she’ll do it, too.’ ”
“I woke up the next morning without any pants on, and without any recollection.”
“Thinking people would have found a way to stop it if they didn’t want it is victim-blaming, nd it is as ridiculous as telling a victim of a robbery that they would have stopped a robbery if they really didn’t want it to happen.”

I wrote this about what it is like to have depression, for me:

When you have depression, everything sucks.

You choke down the pills everyday in hope that they will finally work. They don’t.

The doctors switch you from medication to medication, and when none of them work, they say that this isn’t a medicine problem.

Colors literally become duller.

Sad movies are sadder and happy movies aren’t happy.

You try doing lots of different hobbies, but you can’t find enjoyment in any of them.

You can actually sleep on Christmas Eve, because nothing excites you anymore.

A lot of the time you feel numb, but sometimes a wave of sadness will come crashing down on you and you can no longer stand so you sit down and feel completely exhausted while you try not to sob.

It is hard to sleep at night because you are thinking about how much you hate everything and you are fighting against yourself to stay alive.

When you do sleep, you don’t dream.

No matter how much sleep you get you always feel tired.

Everybody around you is singing but you can’t find your tune.

You have no motivation to do anything.

School sucks because if you do somehow get the motivation to do something, you can’t focus on it.

You hate yourself for everything that you have ever done wrong.

You get told that you shouldn’t feel this way because other people have it so much worse than you. That makes you feel even more guilty.

“Just stop being sad.” How can I do that?

Everyone irritates you, even the people that you love the most, so you push everybody away and isolate yourself.

You don’t want to go and visit family because the thought of pretending that you are happy exhausts you.

With every step that you take, the anvil on your heart gets heavier.

The thought of giving up crosses your mind daily, but you hold on only because you picture your how devastated your family would be at your funeral.

You walk around breathing, but you aren’t living.

Been over a week since my mum died from stroke

Still numb from any feeling it should give me.

Mainly because she was a heavy alcoholic and smoker which caused a lot of abusing. Child welfare made me move to my dad (which she me away from him)

My dad told me not to feel bad that I can't feel.

Am I human?

I'm just tired of hiding. I'm tired of being so emotional and yet empty the same time. I feel like a walking paradox, trying to lift others up, yet putting myself down for the simplest of things. I feel as if I can't open up to people or else they'll hate me…of course, I think that they hate me anyways. I think I'm worthless and that no one really loves me, even though I know that there are people who do.